Embrace the power of versatility

CLIENT | Hewlett Packard CREATIVE FIELDS | Art Direction / Design / Production

Bringing the power of the dark side to your fingertips

In the months leading to Star Wars' big return to the cinemas with Star Wars The Force Awakens, Hewlett Packard teamed up with Lucasfilm to launch a line of "dark side" inspired convertible PCs and laptops. To help drive millennial sales, we crafted a global digital banner and mobile asset campaign armed to the teeth with witty Star Wars references and exclusive Force Awakens key art.

Frozen in carbonite

Letting the user interact with and explore the HP Pavilion x360's four different modes was something we knew from the start that we wanted to do. Taking inspiration from the infamous carbonite chamber in the Empire Strikes Back, we designed a product carousel that allowed the user to swipe through product modes by dropping them into the chamber with a puff of icy smoke. 


X-Wing themed store locator

When it came to designing a Store Locator, the targeting system from Luke's X-Wing fighter in A New Hope immediately came to mind. With a little help from the tech team, we were able to make this a reality, turning a typically boring experience into something every Star Wars fan or not could enjoy.