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The longest TV marathon in history.

In 2016, FXX earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by airing all 600 episodes of The Simpsons back-to-back. It was the longest TV marathon in history. 

Story Worldwide created a social epicenter of marathon-specific content, blending pre-scheduled posts with real-time fan interaction and fun surprises like on-air Snapcodes to unlock exclusive marathon Snapchat filters. Then we tirelessly live-tweeted the marathon—all 300 hours of it—giving FXX a massive ratings boost.

As a creative lead on the project, I helped manage the scheduling, live-tweeting, and production of over 900 pieces of content. 

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Drawing Homer

During the pre-marathon preparation, there became a need for a high resolution asset of Homer pondering the cosmos while dressed in a toga. Pressed for time, I decided to whip something up myself and after passing through The Simpsons legal department, it was used during the marathon on all "Homeric Wisdom" posts. 



24 hours a day for 13 days straight, Story was given the keys to the twitter handle @EverySimpsonsEver to live-tweet the event. This gigantic task was achieved in 8 episode, 4 hour shifts with the help of everyone at Story. During the live sessions, we engaged with fans by retweeting and prompting engagement through polls and jokes, gaining an average of 750 new followers per day and 26 millions organic impressions.