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TV spot

Soccer fans rejoice! Finally, we've not only given you a loud voice to be heard amongst the baseball and American football fans, but also purpose to the common vuvuzela. With the Bein Sports Game Changer, any TV can be changed to Bein Sports with a simple blow of the horn, as illustrated in this humorous ad. 

Mike Tyson handling a freshly unboxed Game Changer.

Mike Tyson handling a freshly unboxed Game Changer.


Product design concepts

Above are some earlier concept designs crafted for the Game Changer. Initially, it was designed to house a battery, on and off button, and LED lights, before resorting to a more familiar, traditional shape and design. 


Making the GameChanger

Using Cinema 4D, a 3D printer, and some purple spray paint, we built a workable prototype.


These storyboards were used to film the successful TV spot.