CLIENT | Michelin CREATIVE FIELDS | Storyboards / Character Design / Design

"Keys" TV spot

Handing over the keys to a first-time driver is a difficult thing for any parent. Michelin wanted parents to know that with Michelin tires, they could rest easy, because Michelin tires last stronger and longer than the average tire and handle better in poor weather conditions.

Storyboards & character design

The development of this spot went through hundreds of iterations, including some that were pretty outlandish (see the earthquake / dinosaur / UFO abduction scene to the right above). But finally, we settled on something more heartfelt and real. 

16158_WONDER 3.jpeg

Key art concepts & social campaign.

Above are two concept illustrations I made for Michelin which were then recreated in CGI to be used as key art for the campaign.

Below are screen grabs from the coexisting social campaign, #Travelsafe, where first-time drivers were encouraged to ride with the Micheline Defender, providing extra safety in all types of weather.